This stall in company progress is gut-check time for that Fire in the Belly in the first time entrepreneur. What we find is that the WANTrepreneurs dont have the resilience once the sexiness of entrepreneurship wears off and running a company feels more like a daily grind.

This is where surrounding yourself with other experienced entrepreneurs in the ecosystem can be very meaningful and helpful. The formal entrepreneur to entrepreneur peer groups like MasterMind groups can help you learn from the scars of experience from others. Wilmington is now working on building this peer-to-peer entrepreneur group with the help of an NC IDEA Ecosystem grant with the Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington, UNCW CIE, UNC Pembroke Thomas Hub for Entrepreneurship, and the Sandhills Entrepreneur Engagement Network.

Maybe that is why certain conservative venture capitalists LOVE to invest in serial entrepreneurs. These serial entrepreneurs have proven that they have both the resilience and the fire in the belly to overcome tough times.

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Jim R. Roberts has been working for 22 years in North Carolina with entrepreneur support organizations in Charlotte, Asheville, Durham, and Wilmington. Jim is the founder of the Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington (NEW), WALE Angel Network, and Rojo Octo Ecosystem Consulting. Jim also works with the SEEN Network at UNC Pembroke.

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